Day 56. 8th November 2014

Today was such an eventful day that I haven’t even managed to look at the leaf!

The whole World around the Compost Bin has been drastically changed. Two Big Ones wearing things the same colour as the yellow poppies around the Bin have been around all day. Making Big Noises.

At 4pm when Avocard and I were preparing ourselves for our dusk amble we heard a large shriek. We peeped under the Bin and saw the strangest sight: the smallest of the Big Ones was jumping up and down with Brown Material on his right hand.


The Big One's Hand
The Big One’s Hand


Avocard and I looked at each other. We knew that where the Big Ones had been digging was where the Black Furry Beast had it’s toilet. We had a good slimy laugh together I tell you!

Tomorrow I will apply my mind to the conundrum of the Leaf.



Day 55. 7th November 2014

No sign of the strange prickly animal this morning when I returned to the Compost Bin at around 4am…however yesterday a lot of Noise in the garden – even the Worms were unsettled and slithered lower into the compost. I ventured out at dusk with my mate Avocard (so named because she always hangs out near the Avocado Stone and has the habit of laying down the law). We were astounded to see that instead of the shed a Space had appeared.



We explored for a while and suddenly Avocard shouted: “Over here!” I spent the next half hour sliding towards her. Under the White Legs lay a leaf which Avocard was circling around taking great care not to touch it.

I knew instantly that it was a sign.



Day 54 30th October 2014

The most extraordinary creature appeared in our garden. I have to confess that we were having a good night in the rain when a group of us came nose to nose with this:


It seemed a little wary of us as we were of it. And I certainly wouldn’t have like to get too near those big spiky things on it’s back.  We beat a hasty retreat to the Big People’s living room. I’ll let you know if it is there tomorrow.


Yours Albinoni.

Day 53. 16th October 2014

Due to unforeseen circumstances Lucy is indisposed.

I am now taking over this blog.

My name is Albi (short for Albinoni) and my home is a conical black construction which I share with my friends, family and some worms.

Today was a red letter day as I was taken out on a short outing to witness the new Coop in Moretonhampstead being opened. Can you spot me in the picture?


Here I am peeking at the new Coop opening.
Here I am peeking at the new Coop opening.


I have to go off to get a bit of shut-eye now…it has been a very tiring night as well with a group of us dancing around one of the Big People’s boots that were left in our Night Dancing Space.

Day 47. 1st September 2014

For the first day in September the slugs in my living room have left me an hugely impressive, expansive tracery…they are getting more adventurous:

Also in the allotment my biggest carrot boasted an immense slug hole complete with resident mollusc who curiously had a skirt almost exactly the same colour as the carrot!!!

Here is the image:

slug eating carrot